Sealants help your child to deliver the dentist recommended sippy cup held upside down. This is also an excellent time to discuss proper homecare, diet, bottle and pacifier use. Unlike with a permanent tooth, the baby tooth should not be replanted due to possible damage to the developing permanent tooth. The Best Toothpaste For My Child?

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Sippy cups available in the market today are effective in preventing leaks and spills. Another option favored by some pediatricians is using sippy cups during mealtimes and never allowing them to become comfort objects.

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And some people are liking that one seems like the doctors are kind of liking that one. Sippy cups should not be used at naptime or bedtime, but if you must only place water in them. One cup of raspberries contains less than one gram of xylitol. Free versions display a Bizmate signature.


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He has proven to me that every situation is different and his staff is very friendly and nice! Some companies sell handles that fit on bottles, sippy cups and straw cups interchangeably, which can make for an easier transition.

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Remember that young children do not have the ability to brush their teeth effectively. She came in for her cleaning and had two cavities filled. From simple cleanings to fillings, Dr.

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