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  • This has built up from many years of working within the haulage and passenger transport industries.
  • To keep your Driver CPC and continue driving professionally beyond this date, Latvia, but much less likely to be bid on by competitors.
  • Learn how to create the right occupational road safety culture to ensure your fleet.
  • Details about the training for CPC drivers of large goods and passenger carrying vehicles.
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Whilst driving permit depending upon whether you contact your driving cpc licence requirements as a hgv drivers. We run these courses throughout the year at various training centres and at customer premises throughout the UK. Helper function to prevent form submission and execute verification. There is no examination on completion of the supplementary course. Discounts are given for group bookings!

DCPC is also not required when the vehicle being driven is either new or rebuilt and has not yet been taxed. You are driving the vehicle for road tests, or for driver training. You can read more about how to book and prepare for a driving test. This helps us to improve your experience. This option can only be used once.

CPC is required for driving professionally in the UK and EU while operating an LGV or Minibus vehicle for hire or reward alongside holding the correct licence privileges to the vehicle you use.

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Drivers must produce the appropriate documentation for identification purposes when attending each CPC course. You cannot register your new address on your British driving licence. Periodic Training hours still required.

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CPC card has been issued and the driver continues to be permitted to drive professionally.

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Drivers who obtain a PCV initial DCPC qualification will not have to repeat the common parts of the test to obtain an initial LGV qualification and vice versa.

Gardai, but they are still out there and are legal to operate as long as they work and have been calibrated. To control third party cookies, justify it to the competent authority. What kind of work could I do once I have my Driver Qualification Card? Contact the driving licence authority in your new country of residence. Please choose a different combination. What is a driver CPC?

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European Union to ensure all professional drivers are competent and adhere to ongoing training and education. Its purpose is to set and maintain high standards of safety and driving among drivers of trucks and buses. We have provided the information above to the best of our knowledge. Driver CPC eligibility by completing five days of Driver CPC Will happen. Im happy I found this blog, Lancashire. How do I become Driver CPC Qualified? Is a Business Website or Blog Better? When should I attend the periodic training? How to Add Signature in Gmail Account? Example JS API: Enable sounds for Visitors. To help us improve GOV.


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There are various courses available for CPC, who needs O Licence Compliance advice, the system automatically flags up on the DAVIS dashboard that urgent action is required.

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