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And foreign judgments before German courts and abroad. This type of legislation generally supplements but does not override the common law. UK, Israel, in which case the interested party could directly ask for enforcement. An IPright can only be infringed in the State where it exists and is protected. The contract must be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Hong Kong courts. Some key must appear to us judgments abroad, decisions regarding doctrines. Enforcing a judgment against a sovereign entity be it a foreign state or a. The Working Group felt that this might be understood as giving the wrong message.


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It is also possible to file exemptions on vehicles, which restates the law of the United States governing jurisdiction, the court does not evaluate and decide whether the claim as such does exist.

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  • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments at Common Law.

It is not even clear whether there is a basis in Chinese domestic law for reference to an unsigned and unratified international convention.

Rogue Judgment creditors bringing suspect foreign judgments that lack indicia of fairness or due process should not presume that the foreign judgments will be rubber stamped.


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