Their headphones all have innovative technology to keep you protected on your flight, while also making sure to provide good performance and extra comfort. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, return the product for a full and prompt refund. Pretty damn good headset for the money. The comfort pilots need.

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The pilot headset on the eighth rank according to these reviews is from CRAZEDpilot which has important features as well. This Saves The Pilot Who Flies Both Types Of Aircraft From Having To Own And Carry Two Headsets.


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It Also Has An Exclusive User Adjustable Mic Gain Adjustment To Get The Audio And Side Tone Just Right For All Voices. Dynamic mics for aviation use are carefully shielded to minimize the chances of such interference.

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The versatile dome jack accepts three different cord assemblies to accommodate a variety of aircraft requiring different headset plugs for unmatched versatility to meet your flying requirements.

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